1st day experience in CA firm

My 1st day was full of excitement and lots of dream to cover intresting topics in office which I had studied.

I reached to my office the entry time was very good and the atmosphere is very different which I had never feel ,the pressure of my boss on all employees to complete work.

But all the employees are very good and friendly to do work and I easily dissolve into it.

We do parties when our boss is not available in office and finish all food before he came.

The burden of work comes from all employees because 1 said bring this file another said do this work immediately and 3rd one also said go outside of office and submit this document immediately. That situation was pathetic.

But is really enjoy all day.

Become a Professional be like.

To become a professional feels like a good and proudest movement of every new professional.

Professional like a CA,Lawyer,Engineers,Doctor ,etc.

Professional also be like a big responsibility toward his duty like an experts .

As a high responsible professional must be expert on any field and have higher valve of any normal worker.

This thing as a position makes your family and friends proudest and your value increases in your society where you live and work.

Diet plan to become healthy

To become health there are so many things you have to do to maintain your health good .

Likewise,Get up early in the morning and to some cardio,yoga and meditation.

Eat healthy food would be must important thing.

Here I will give u a Diet chart to maintain your health and reduce your colestral level in your body.

•Immediately after the bed you take warm water with lemon and honey it helps to reduce fat.

•After exercise you take a glass of green juice or green tea.

•In breakfast you take a brown bread with eggs and peanut butter and milk.

•At lunch you eat 2 Chapatti/Roti with pulses,green vegetables and salads.

•In the evening you prefer to take some fruits 1pc and do exercises and after that you take a boil egg white as a protein.

•The dinner you should take will lighter than lunch, like sprouts ,salads etc.

That’s all the diet chart you must follow in daily routine to become fit and healthy throughout the life.

Reason for under confident and Depression.

When a person think over then expectation and then they don’t do anything according to his thinking and when the hope gets down and this will comes so many times after and after then in this case person get demotivated and get depressed.

So don’t expect higher then expectations and never lose hope.

When ones u get demotivated and depressed you automatically don’t want to face any confident person because you unable to stand in front of that person you get feared when you see his/her.

Don’t make big goals at a primary level and when you plan or think on something always make two side decision one is positive and another one is negative and on negative try to solve it “what if “.

You are the only one who can put himself into this problems and you can only get out from this problems.

Always be positive and clear mind with clear decisions.

Prem mandir,Vrindavan

Prem mandir is a very beautiful mandir in vrindavan.the design made on the walls and at the top on it they are really fabulous and very finished.

The environment of the mandir is so good an relaxed,the boundaries of the centre mandir the life of shree krishan has shown in a 3D statues with that situations and atmosphere.

Inside the mandir the very beautiful statue of shree krishan radha presented.when the kapat opens its look like a magic to see the goddess statues. The kirtans sangs by some peoples which gives relax your ears and mind.

Into the premiered mandir the canteen facilities also there in which a good food we can eat,there are so many variety there like desert,snakes ,main course etc.

Toilet facility also there which is good for all .

You must go and visit there that marked you day good and full of enjoyment.

The flower has had many poems written about it do to it’s interesting colors and flower structure.The flower can change it’s sex.The plant is otherwise known as the Indian turnip called by children that had come with the early settlers. The Indian turnip was used by children as a prank it has such a tardy and unsavory taste. Although it was a plant the native americans used as food when found in the forest, it was also u

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